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Grief Therapy

If you have experienced the loss of someone you love, or the loss of something important to you, we can work together toward healing.


Despite popular assumption, grief doesn't always work in stages, and many times the waves of grief can occur for years following the loss. Our society tends to encourage people to get over it and move on. Yet, while the rest of the world appears to keep moving forward, your life seems to have come to a halt. At times you may get angry with yourself and assume something is wrong with you since you can't just "move on."


By allowing yourself the time and space to grieve and mourn what you have lost, you will no longer be battling against grief and will instead be leaning-in to it. This leaning-in is actually what leads to healing. And healing does not mean forgetting or letting go of the person you loved. 


I can help provide a safe, caring, and understanding space for you to work with your pain and to embrace the truth that you have lost something incredibly important to you. Together, we will work on ways to honor your loss and to be compassionate with yourself. 

Image by Claudia Wolff
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