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Trauma and PTSD Therapy

Evidence-based trauma therapy to help you heal from negative life experiences and trauma so you can move forward from your past into the healthy, healed, and stronger version of who you want to be.  

Trauma can occur from any event that causes physical, emotional, or psychological stress. Disturbing experiences can often get trapped in our nervous systems which can continue to impact us on a daily basis. When we encounter situations that consciously or unconsciously remind us of the event, we may be triggered to react, often experiencing strong emotions, sensations, or thoughts that seem out of proportion to the situation at hand. This can cause us to feel out of control or as if there is something wrong with us. 

Trauma can also show up as limiting beliefs, nightmares, flashbacks, or unexplained negative sensations in the body. 

I want you to know there are ways to get these stuck experiences to move through your system and to be processed in a healthy and adaptive way so that you are no longer controlled by them. You will be able to experience pleasure, joy, relaxation, and freedom from those triggering events. 

I use EMDR and IFS to help process stuck trauma in the nervous system. We can discuss these in more detail during our phone consultation to get a better understanding of what trauma treatment might look like for you.


Healing from trauma does not mean you will forget what happened, but it does mean it will no longer control your present functioning and life satisfaction. In our work together, I will use integrative methods to help you fully process the trauma. This allows you to move on from the past, while holding onto the knowledge you've gained from it.

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