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Life Transitions Therapy

Life is full of transitions and stress! You've probably heard the saying that the only thing constant in life is change. But change can be hard! 

Whether you are experiencing:

  • a change in careers or job

  • the birth of a new child

  • children leaving the home

  • a new relationship

  • loss of relationship

  • moving

  • returning to school

  • returning to work

  • retirement

  • navigating a new role in life or in society

  • or any other life transition 

I'm here to provide support you through the discomfort that often accompanies change. You may feel alone, scarred, or unsure about what the future holds, but you don't have to navigate these emotions alone. You can learn to view this transitional period as an opportunity for personal growth. You can begin to step into the future with greater confidence and an open mindset.

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