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Depression Therapy

Sometimes it can feel like we're just treading water, trying to stay afloat in this world. Even if we have support from loved ones and friends, we can still feel lonely, isolated, unmotivated, uninterested, directionless, and joyless. When we don't have support, it can feel even worse. 

If you are finding yourself struggling to get out of bed every day, struggling to take care of yourself or your responsibilities, or you are experiencing low moods more days than not, you may be struggling with depression. 


I know it can feel like nothing will ever get better, that it's hopeless and there is no point, but if I can offer you one spark of hope it is this: healing and change are possible! You are not alone and I am willing to walk along-side you on this path towards healing and help you feel joy, interest, and excitement in your life again. 

Let's get to the root of what is causing these low moods, evaluate the negative beliefs you may hold about yourself, and face them with compassion. Together, we can develop ways to help you manage the depression and prevent it from taking control of your life. 

Head in Hands
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