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Welcome to Re-Emerge Counseling

Therapy that helps you get to the root of the problem so you can live a more empowered, self-confident, and authentic life. 


Cassandra Goar MA, LPC, NCC

I help clients get to the root of what's causing their struggles.

Therapy is a process of helping you heal from the inside out.

I'm here to help your best Self

I specialize in working with trauma and grief. 

But wait... you don't think you have trauma? Then let me ask you this:


Have you tried to get help for your anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body-image concerns, or relationship issues but still find yourself struggling? If the answer is "Yes I have and yes I am" then you're in the right place. ​​​​

Therapy that goes a little deeper... 

For many people, getting to the root of these issues is what determines if they continue to just cope with their symptoms or if they truly want to grow and overcome what keeps holding them back. In my work, I find that trauma often lies at the heart of anxiety disorders, depression, relationship issues, negative body image, and low self-esteem.


Yes, trauma can and does often stem from things that most people consider traumatic (for example: war, car crashes, natural disasters, physical or sexual assault, etc.) These types of experiences are often referred to as "big T" traumas. And I am deeply passionate about helping people heal from these events and experiences.


Trauma can also be caused from less obvious negative life experiences that impact our sense of identity, safety, or beliefs about ourselves or the world. These are commonly referred to as “small t” traumas and can create complex trauma over time. Examples might be: growing up with dysfunctional family members; being bullied or teased by peers; receiving negative messages from media about our bodies; etc.


Trauma's impact on our nervous system...


Our emotions and nervous system are intricately connected. When we experience trauma, it leaves an imprint in our nervous system. Often times, especially when we have healthy support in our lives, the body and mind naturally processes the trauma and our nervous system is able to recover. If we are not able to process the trauma due to a chaotic or unsafe environment, or because we thought we needed to ignore how the event impacted us, the trauma gets stuck in our nervous system. Then, it continues to live there, impacting the way we think, feel, function, and interact with others.

That's why sometimes things like anxiety and depression

are resistant to medications and other forms of therapy

A safe place to grieve...


Similar to trauma, grief can severly impact our nervous system because the loss of someone or something very important is often overwhelmingly stressful. Major loss can trigger our fight or flight responses because our bodies interpret loss as a danger to our own livelihood. And when we experience traumatic loss, you can imagine this impacts us even more.


Here, grief counseling is primarily focused on helping you mourn, while providing a safe space to feel all your emotions and talk about your loss or loved one without limits or filters. And in doing so, something beautiful starts to happen... your nervous system begins to regulate; your mind starts to recall all the beauty and not just the pain; and you begin to step into a new version of yourself. I say new version because such tremendous loss changes us forever, but it doesn't have to be for the worse and often, it's not. I know, hard to believe, but it is true.


Grief is something almost everyone will experience at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, in our society, we are not given the opportunity, space, or compassion we need to process our grief. So, we tend to try to bottle it up and not talk about our loss because we worry it makes others uncomfortable.


But your loss deserves to be talked about, mourned, and honored.


It is my privilege to work alongside my clients during these incredibly painful experiences and to eventually see the sunlight slowly re-emerge for them after some of their darkest hours. I cannot take away your pain, but I promise I will be right here with you. 

Growth and healing are waiting for you!

Please reach out for a free 20 minute phone consultation today to see if we make a good fit

If you have experienced a profound loss you need support around...

If you have experienced traumatic, painful, life events that still feel emotionally charged that you want to heal from...

If you have been dealing with anxiety or relentless low self-esteem for far too long and are ready to put in some deep work to grow...

If you are curious about your limiting beliefs and ready for therapeutic self-exploration...

EMDR Therapy | IFS Therapy | EFIT | Mindfulness Based Therapy

Self-Esteem & Body Image

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  • Service areas: Denver Metro area including Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Arvada, Westminster, Thornton, Littleton, Broomfield, and more.

  • Teletherapy Options: If you live further outside the Lakewood area, or if you just feel more comfortable engaging in therapy from the privacy of your own home, I offer remote teletherapy sessions throughout all of Colorado.

  • HAES (Health at Ever Size) aligned

  • LGBTQIA+ affirming

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