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Body Image Therapy


What if you didn't have to hate your body anymore? What if you could make peace with your body? What if you could end the painful restrict/binge cycle, stop counting calories, stop wishing your body were different, more beautiful, more attractive, or just different? What if you could give up the battle you have with your body and work towards appreciating your body instead? 

Negative body image typically develops from negative life experiences, often from shaming messages from society, friends, family or the media. These leave us with body related trauma, grief, and internalized beliefs that your body is not good enough. I'm here to help you work through the trauma and grief and challenge the negative beliefs about your unique and perfectly imperfect body. 


I work from an affirming, body-neutral/body-positive, Health at Every Size perspective. We can work together to learn to make peace with yourself and your body. We will work to address deep-seated, often subconscious, beliefs and develop more positive, realistic beliefs instead. I can help you learn to set healthy boundaries with those who contribute to your negative beliefs and to stop participating in your own body shaming self talk. 

If body image is something you've struggled with, I would love to work with you to learn to appreciate your body for what it is to help you live a more fulfilling, fully embodied life! 

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