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Addictions Recovery

It's my belief that beneath every addiction, there is pain. Addictions give us an escape, a way to cope with intolerable emotions, and at some point, they worked! That's why we became addicted. At some point, you may have come to see that the addiction (whether it be to substances, alcohol, exercise, shopping, gambling, eating, etc) started to cause just as much, if not more, pain than it was distracting you from in the first place. That's likely when you decided to seek help, treatment, or are now considering treatment. I have worked with addictions and have personally been impacted by those struggling with addictions. At times, the first step is to get a strong foundation underfoot - sometimes this means sobriety if the addiction is to a substance - and sometimes it means being submerged in a supportive community (as in eating recovery centers). Other times, the first step means uncovering what it is the addiction is trying to do for us. Whether you have recently left a treatment facility or are looking to start your recovery journey, there are options for us to work together toward your healing. 

Looking Towards the Horizon
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